Vera & Sebastian
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Vera & Sebastian


Venue: Wipperaue 

Solingen, Germany.


I met Vera when she came across to South Africa on exchange in high school, and never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would have been lucky enough to document her special day ten years later! Vera contacted me over a year ago, complimented my work, and asked permission to show my portfolio to any potential wedding photographers. Little did she know that I would be travelling around Europe in 2018. Before we knew it, everything was organized for me to come to Germany to photograph her dreamy wedding!


I am so grateful to, Vera’s mother, Katerina, who kindly hosted me in her beautiful home. The days leading up to the big day were spent walking the dogs in the forest, exploring the picturesque German countryside, eating blueberry pancakes, and drinking beer in the local biergartens – of course. It was such a such a treat being able to spend time with, and get to know Vera’s special family before the wedding day.


Vera & Sebastian, it was an honour to photograph part your love story. Your love for each other is so evident in every single photo, and I wish you the happiest marriage together! I hope these photographs bring back the best memories from a truly perfect day! xxx


Vera & Sebastian_0001.jpg
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