Kelsey + Zack
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Over a year ago Zack​ & Kelsey​ approached me, and asked whether I would be interested in joining them in France to photograph their wedding. I obviously said yes without a moment of hesitation, and have been beyond excited to photograph their big day ever since.


Kels & Zack booked out the most spectacular ‘wedding house’ (Mas de Sens) outside a small village called Bonnieux in Provence – a very special spot for the Gibbs family. The house was soon filled with their favourite people, and the week of wedding festivities began…We spent the next few days exploring the surrounding villages, indulging in pastries, cheese, baguettes, drinking endless bottles of rosé, and dancing to Taylor Swift. With Zack’s eleven groomsmen, and Kelsey’s four bridesmaids, it is safe to say that there was never a dull moment (not even the night before the wedding when Natasha broke her toe!)


Nothing can compete with a wedding in the South of France, when everything comes together as it did for Kels & Zack. It was truly a fairytale event from the start to the finish. The combination of the perfect weather, golden light, a gorgeous couple, and the picturesque setting made my job very easy. The garden ceremony lead by Kelsey’s Great Uncle Gray was beautiful, and the ‘Ferrari boys’ did a brilliant job in ensuring the reception ran smoothly. Each and every speech was fantastic, and the night was filled with so much laughter and love. It was the dreamiest day, and could not have been more perfect!


Kels & Zack, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for giving me the opportunity of capturing your special day. I have been editing these photos with the happiest heart, as it was such a privilege to document part of your love story. Your love for each other is so evident in every single photo, and I hope they bring back the very best memories xxx


Zack & Kelsey_0001.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0002.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0003.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0004.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0005.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0006.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0008.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0009.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0010.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0011.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0012.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0013.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0014.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0015.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0016.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0017.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0018.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0019.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0020.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0021.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0022.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0023.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0024.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0025.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0026.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0027.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0028.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0029.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0030.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0031.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0032.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0033.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0034.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0035.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0036.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0037.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0038.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0039.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0040.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0041.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0042.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0043.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0044.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0045.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0046.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0047.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0048.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0049.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0050.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0051.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0052.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0053.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0054.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0055.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0056.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0057.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0058.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0059.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0060.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0061.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0062.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0063.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0064.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0065.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0066.jpg
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Zack & Kelsey_0068.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0069.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0070.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0071.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0072.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0073.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0074.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0075.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0076.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0077.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0078.jpg
Zack & Kelsey_0079.jpg